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                                  Gourmet Bazaar Offers Weekly Sales!

Red Seedless Grapes: $1.99/lb  *   Tomatoes: $0.89/lb *   Chinese Eggplants: $1.49/lb  *  Pickle Cucumbers: $1.29/lb  *  Plum Tomatoes: $0.89/lb  

Bulgarian Feta Cheese: $4.49  * Persian Cucumbers: $1.79/lb.

Who We Are

Gourmet Bazaar has great prices on hundreds of international natural products every day.

Our Product Range

From staple products such as rice to  seasonal produce,  Gourmet Bazaar offers well known groceries from around the world. 

Persian Subs

As the saying goes, there is no best way to describe a Persian submarine sandwich, you just have to experience one! 

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