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Persian Mortadella

Gourmet Bazaar’s standard setting Persian submarine sandwich brings a taste of Tehran to the United States.  Comprised of cold cuts that are flavored with exceptional spices that are filled with either pistachios, olives, peppercorns, or just plain, the sandwich affects more taste buds per bite than any other sub!

  • Peppercorn  Mortadella
  • Pistachio Mortadella
  • Olive Mortadella
  • Regular Mortadella
  • Salami
  • Turkey Pastrami 



-Middle Eastern Pickles




-Persian Sub Sauce

-Olives (if requested)

-Mixed Pickled Vegetables (if requested)

Fresh Deli

Gourmet Bazaar’s deli exemplifies the belief that a trip to the deli is worthwhile only if it delivers handmade products with exceptional fresh taste.   Upon arrival you will notice our select menu is filled with our signature Persian subs, entrée salads, Persian frittatas for our vegetarian patrons, and other weekly specials.  The deli also sells fresh handpicked imported olives, mixed pickled vegetables, yogurt blends, and other seasonal foods. Our primary emphasis is high quality food, produced fresh and on time, always with the consumer in mind.

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